First meeting with someone gives a first time impression of his personality.  Therefore,  a good introduction with proper etiquette and right use of words should be applied to open up a conversation.  


     a) Can you think of at least three questions to ask a person on your first meeting?

     b)  Do you ask a person's age on your first meeting?

     c)  What are the topics you must avoid on your first meeting?


Frequently Asked Questions on your first meeting:

Q1 : What is your name?

  Ans:  My name is ______

Q2 : Where do you live? 

  Ans: I live in _______.

Q3. How are you doing today? 

   Ans:  I'm fine, thank you.

Q4. Where do you work? 

   Ans: I work in _______ .

Q5. Where are you from?

   Ans: I am from the _______.

Q6. How many are you in your family?

    Ans: We are ____ in my family. Me, my parents and ____ siblings.

Q7. What do you usually do in your pastime?
  Ans: I surf the internet.

Q8. What's your major?

   Ans: I major in ___________.

Q9.  What do you do for a living?

    Ans: I work as a ___________.

Q10.  Where are your parents now?

  Ans:  They are at  _____  now.





Please listen carefully to the conversation by clicking the play button and try to answer the questions below.  


1.  What was the first greeting of John to Mary?

     a. Hello how are you?

     b. Excuse me.

     c. What is your name?

2.  What was the problem of John?

      a.  He has no money.

      b.  He has no job.

      c.  He has a job but wants to transfer to another job.

3.  What is John's job qualifications?

       a.  Computer technician

      b.  Computer engineer

      c.  Computer analyst

4.  What is Mary's real name?

      a.  Margarette

      b.  Marian

      c.  Jane

5.  How can Mary help John find a job?

       a.  She needs someone to fix her computer

      b.  She will recommend him to her friend

      c.  She will be buying him a new computer





Please write your own original sentence using the new words below.


job hunt (ing) (intr. verb) :  to look for a new employment

"I am too tired to go out for another job hunt."


troubleshoot (verb) a pc : repair or fix a broken computer

Would you like to troubleshoot this pc for me?


home service tech (noun):  a technician who goes to the house and fixes one's  electronics

"I would like to call for a home service tech to get our TV working."


grateful (adjective) :  feeling thankful for something

"I am so grateful  for this beautiful sunny day."


blessed (adjective):  given great privileges;  highly favored 

"She is so blessed to get her US visa extended for another 6 months."


(one's) treat (noun/ t.verb):    to pay for the food, drink, or entertainment of (another)

"I would like to treat you for a dinner tonight."

"I would like to give you a treat for dinner."


yummy (slang, adjective):  extremely pleasing to the sense of taste; delicious
"Hmmm,  this chocolate cake is so yummy even without an icing!"





give (someone) a ring:  Call someone on the telephone

"Don't forget to give me a ring before you come and pick me up for dinner tomorrow, ok?"


can't wait:   Be very eager, anxious, or impatient

"We can't wait for the baseball season to begin!"


gotta run:  Artificially busy just to avoid you for some inexplicable reason

"Hey,  I gotta run  because I have to go clean the house all day."


sort of :    kind of;  somewhat;

"My  invitation  to climb Mt. Everest  is  sort of  a challenge for all climbers."



Match items on B with the items on A.

     A                                  B

can't wait              1.   I will go  ________ before my savings can no longer sustain me.

yummy                  2.   Please ________  when you want somebody to talk to.

grateful                 3.   We _______ to  see you perform on stage tomorrow.

give him a ring     4.   Mommy bought a box of ________ goodies for dessert.

job hunting          5.   The little boy is so _________ to get a birthday present from his uncle.




SCRIPT :   First Meeting at the Coffee Shop

     John:   ________  me,  is there someone sitting here?

     Mary:  No,  its  vacant,  you may  ____it.

     John:  Oh thanks for being _____.  Do you come here ______?

    Mary:  Yeah, almost every other day.

    John:  You know it's my ______ time here,   so I may need your _______ as to which coffee I should be ______.

                 By the way,  I'm John.  What's your name?

     Mary:   I'm Margarette,  just call me Mary for ______.

     John:   Oh what a ______ name!  It's nice to meet you, Mary.

     Mary:   Nice to meet you too, John.   Hmmm,  I think you should order the Cookies 'n Cream . 

     John:   Oh really, that sounds______!  So, how are you doing? 

     Mary:  I'm doing good, thanks and you?             

    John:  Well, I'm fine however, I don't have a job now so I'm into _____ hunting.

      Mary:  Oh really?  Maybe I can help you, what _____of job are you looking for?

      John:  Well,  I am a ______ technician so I can work  in any computer company or as a   _____ _____

                 home service tech.

     Mary:  Hey, it sounds like you're going to have a job right now.  I was just looking for someone who can

                  help  me fix my _______ computer at home.  

      John:  Great!  Thank you Lord!  I  would be very glad to help ________  your pc.  When do you want me to start?

       Mary:  Well, you may start ________. 

       John:  How about today or tomorrow?

       Mary:  Today is a little_____but I can  fit you into my schedule tomorrow. 

       John:  Wow, that sounds ________!  Thank you so much for this timely offer, Mary.

       Mary:  You're welcome, John

       John:    I am truly ________to have met you Mary. God indeed has blessed me today.

       Mary:   Right. I am ________ as well to find someone who can _________my computer.

       John:   Mary,  since I will be going to your house to fix your pc,   I'll be needing your home

                  address and phone number.

       Mary:  Sure.   It's 555 Beverly Hills,  SW Canyon Road, Las Vegas City.  And my phone number

                  is  797-4325

      John :  Thanks, Mary.  I ______ ______to get there tomorrow.  

      Mary :  Same here.   I'll give  you a ring in the morning to confirm  for  the time. 

      John  :  How would you like to have some more coffee?  It's my treat.

      Mary  :  Oh, thanks  but  I can't.   I ______  _______now  so  I can  catch the next bus.

      John  :  Okay,  I'll see you tomorrow then. Bye!

      Mary  :  Bye, seeyah!



Get a practice partner and use the situation below to keep the conversation going.  Think on how to apply the questions you learned above on your first meeting:

   a.   at  a waiting shed while waiting for the rain to stop.
   b.   at the gym while working out
   c.   at school during your break time
   d.   at the park while jogging
   e.   at a cocktail party of your friend.
   f.    at a church anniversary celebration