What does Christ mean? 

Do you think man needs a savior? 

In your opinion,  why is Jesus called the Christ?  




1)  What are the titles given to Jesus?  Choose one that was NOT mentioned in the trailer.

      a) Prophet

      b) Teacher

      c)  Messiah

      d)  Healer


2)  What were the negative things he experienced?  Which one in the list is a positive thing.

      a)  He was hated

      b)  He was  loved    

      c)  He was crucified  

      d)  He was betrayed


3)  How did Jesus showed himself as a Healer in the video trailer?

      a)  He made the leper clean

      b)  He  opened the eyes of the blind

      c)  He made the lame walk

      d)  He rebuked the dumb and mute spirit


4)   What did Jesus say about the children?

      a) children are precious  jewels in God's eyes

      b) praise is ordained from the lips of children and infants

      c) children are God's gift to man

      d) we need to train the little children to honor God


 5)  What were the evidences that Jesus is the son of God?  Which one is not true?

      a)  The earth shook and the rock split, the tomb rubbled

      b)  even the grave couldn't hold him

      c)  His body was stolen

      d)  He died,  buried  and was risen from the grave.      



Narrator : He was a prophet
Jesus: "Woe to you _________ of the law!   You hypocrites"

Pharisees: "Teacher, we want to see a miraculous ______  from you."
Jesus: "A wicked and adulterous ___________ asks for a miraculous sign."

Leper : "Lord if you are willing, you can make me clean."
Jesus : "I am ___________, be clean."

Narrator : __________ he was cured of his leprosy

Narrator : He was a _______.

Multitude: "_________ is he who comes in the name of the Lord." "Hossanah to the son of David! Hossanah in the Highest!"

Narrator : He was like ___  ________.

Peter : "You are the _____ of ______"

Narrator: He _______mankind forever just as he changed the ________ around him, one _____ at a time

Jesus: "________ me."

Narrator: He was loved.

Pharisees: "Do you ______ what these children are saying?"

Jesus:  "Yes, have you never read, from the lips of _______ and infants you have ordained praise".

Narrator:  He was hated.

Pharisees: "You have ______ blasphemy!" He is _________  of death.

Narrator: He was ______ by his own.

Judas: "For I have _______ innocent ______."

Narrator:  And crucified.  But even the ________   couldn't _____ him.

Centurion: "The earth _______ the rock _____ the tomb rubbled. Surely he was the son of God."

Narrator: Jesus the Christ.  You will never be the same.






the Christ :  the M essiah, the S avior

"The Messiah has come to  save the world from its misery."|


blasphemy (noun): The act of claiming for oneself the attributes and rights of God;

also,  A great disrespect shown towards sacred things.

"Where there is no belief, there is no blasphemy."

"There is only one blasphemy, and that is the refusal to experience  God's love."


crucified (verb): To put someone to death by nailing or binding to a cross;

To subject a person to extreme physical cruelty, as in punishing

"Jesus was crucified in Mt. Calvary together with two thieves."


rubbled (t. verb/ noun) : reduce to rough or broken things (such as: rocks) resulting from destruction of a building

"The rubbled concrete were removed by the workers after an earthquake hit the city."

"The workers removed the rubble after the earthquake."


split (verb):  to divide into parts; to tear or break apart with force

"We split the bread into four parts so everyone would get some."


ordain (verb): to order, authorize as a priest

"The man was ordained by the pastor to speak at church every Sunday."


betray (verb):  To fail to keep an agreement or secret;  to deliver into the hands of an enemy; to desert especially in time of need

"I felt really betrayed when my friend turned his back when I was ill."

"Jesus was betrayed by one of his disciples by a kiss."


tomb (noun): A place for the burial of a corpse; a house for the dead

"The tomb of Jesus was sealed by the soldiers with a large stone to secure his body from thieves."


prophet (noun): A religious leader who is believed to speak for God;  a person who claims to tell what will happen in the future. 

"The prophet prophesied about the last days before the end of the world."


wicked (adj): evil;  morally very bad; corrupt; destructive

" A wicked person's destiny is doomed  but a righteous man shall inherit eternal bliss."


adulterous (adj): practicing adultery, being unfaithful spouse or lover

"An adulterous man loves to play around with many young, beautiful women."


hypocrites (noun): A person who pretends to be good, pious or sympathetic without really being so

"A hypocrite is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree, then make a speech for conservation."


miraculous (adj.) :  surprisingly wonderful as to suggest a miracle; supernatural

"My pet has miraculously recovered from his paralysis after one month of prayer."





Match the items on A with the items on B.  Select the best answer to complete the missing words in the sentence.


A                                          B


miraculous                                      1.  He was ________ by his friend by telling everybody his secret.

blasphemy                                      2.  The blind  man   __________   opened his eyes and shouted "I can see!"

rubbles                                           3.  A _________   person cannot sleep until he does something evil.

wicked                                           4.  Jesus is the chosen Savior of the world, the ________  who came to live

betrayed                                                  with us to give us hope and a future.

crucified                                        5.  The City Museum has turned into  _______  when Pearl Harbor bombed Japan.

Christ                                             6.  I saw Jesus ___________  and died like the criminal's death.

                                                       7. The pharisees who accused Jesus spoke  _________  infront of the King.




Using the new words learned above,  please answer the questions below:

1)   Imagine that Jesus is your bestfriend.  How would you react upon seeing him being accused falsely, beaten by iron rod, nailed to the cross and died a sinner's death?

2)   If you were the person being accused falsely by somebody,  would you defend yourself?  How?

3)   Why do you think Jesus did not defend himself when he could have?

4)   Does Jesus possess the qualities of a Messiah, the Christ and Savior of man?  Why?

5)  What do you see in Jesus that you  want to be?