TITLE G :   USA-President Obama Speeches




Have you heard US Pres. Obama's speeches?   Do you think he is a good speaker?  Are his speeches powerful and convincing?

SYNOPSIS:    A speech of  US-President Obama right after the bomb explosion during the Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts.  This occured on April 15, 2013,  when Patriot's Day was held.   In his speech,  he addressed all Americans to stand with the people of Boston.






1)  What was the purpose of US Pres. Obama's speech?  Select the best answer.

     a)  to inform the people about the events of what took place in Boston 

     b)  to announce to the people who was responsible of the explosion

     c)  to warn the people about the penalty for doing such crime

     d)  to unify all Americans and greatly support the people in Boston


2)  Below are the things mentioned in the effort to respond towards the Boston explosion.  Choose two that are NOT TRUE.

      a)  FBI and homeland security are mobilizing the appropriate resources to investigate and to respond

      b)  updated leaders of congress in three parties, that they should be united and concerned to fellow citizens

      c)  that they have  every single federal resources to care for victims and counsel for families

      d)  made it clear that all Americans, including North and South Americans stand with the people of Boston  


3)  How did he describe Boston and it's people?

       a)  tough and resilient town and it's people can take care of each other and move forward as one proud city

       b)  rough and recipient town and it's people will pull together to move forward

       c)  has enough resources to take care of each other and move forward with pride

       d)  has tough resources and  all American people are proud of them


4)  What did he say about the individual or groups responsible for the crime when caught?  Choose two correct answers.

        a)  they shall feel the full way of justice

        b)  they will feel the full weight of justice 

        c)   they will be held accountable

        d)   they shall be held responsible for the crime


5)  In what stage is the process of solving the crime?

         a) it's still in the mobilization stage

         b)  it's still in the investigation stage

         c)  it's still in the unifying of resources stage

         d)  it's still in the caring and counseling of the victim's family stage





Please write your own origninal sentence with the new words below


Explosion (noun) :  the sudden, loud and violent release of energy that happens when something (as bomb) breaks apart

"The crowd were terrified when they heard the explosion caused by the terrorists."


Unfold (verb):  to be told or made known

"The secret agents shall unfold the truth about the explosion."


Brief (verb): to give information or instructions to someone

"The president has been briefed by his advisers."


Investigate, investigation (verb, noun) : to try to find out the facts about something such as a crime or an accident

"The police are still investigating the murder."

"The accident is under investigation."


Resilient (adj.) :  able to become strong, healthy or successful again after something bad happens

"The people in Boston have been known as resilient people after quickly recovering from the war."


Jump to conclusion (exp) : to form an opinion or quick judgment 

"Oftentimes, people would like to jump to conclusion whenever there is an unresolved issue."


Reiterate (verb, formal) : to repeat something you have already said in order to emphasize it

"I would like to reiterate that we are going to find out who did this and we are going to hold them accountable."


Accountable (adj) :  required to be responsible for something

"They will hold you accountable for your mistakes."


Get to the bottom (informal) : to find out the true reason for or cause of

"Police are working to get to the bottom of the crime."


 Weight (noun) :  difficult responsibility

"He bore the weight of having to tell the family the bad news about his career."


Clear (adj):  easily understood

"The message was clear for everybody to follow."


Salute (verb) : to show respect for someone or something;   to publicly praise

"The president salutes the heroes who died for the nation during the war."




 Match the items on A with the items on B.

  A                                                                  B

clear                                       1)  You are _____________ for all the mess you have made in my payroll.

get to the bottom                    2)   I would like to _____________ that we are not going to allow any abusive act in our nation.

weight                                    3)   The case is still under _______________.

accountable                           4)   Can you __________ me about what happened in Boston?

reiterate                                 5)   The people cannot just _____________ without evidence.

brief                                       6)   Let us all make it  ____________ that no one should be ignorant of the law.

investigation                          7)   We want to prove that we are ___________  as we rise up above our circumstances.

jump to conclusion                8)    The _________ of taking care for the victims of the bombing is on all concerned citizens.

resilient                                 9)    Don't waste time talking nonsense instead let's ____________  and solve this problem.

unfolded                               10)  At last the researchers for cancer has ___________ the hidden herbal treatment.






 1)  Can you remember any terrorist attack in your country?  Please share and use the vocabularies above.

 2)  Please share the latest incident or calamity in your country where you were united to support.  Use the vocabularies above.