TITLE :  Dumb and Dumber - I'm Sick and Tired





1)  When was the last time you want to give up on doing something very important?

2)  When was the last time you had to sacrifice for someone through the good and bad times?


 Watch the video clip and listen carefully on the words used during the conversation.



1) What made Lloyd want to drive to Aspen?

     a.  to return the briefcase of  this woman

     b.  for adventure

     c.  he wants to look for money

2)  What was Lloyd sick and tired of?  Choose which of these he didn't mention.

     a.  He is sick and tired of not having anybody in his life

     b.  He is sick and tired of being a nobody

     c.  He is sick and tired of his ego

3)  What was Harry demanding at first?

      a. He wants  to go ahead and drive Lloyd to Aspen

      b. He wants to stay and get a job and save for a worm store

      c.  He wants to pay their creditors

4)   What was Harry sick and tired of primarily?

      a.  He was always running away from the collectors

      b.  He was running away from creditors

      c.  He was always job hunting

5)  What did Harry think after  quietly  listening to Lloyd?

       a.  He is not sure if he will drive him to Aspen

       b.  He completely disagrees to  go to Aspen

       c.  He feels compassion on Lloyd and  agrees to drive to Aspen



Please play the video again and listen carefully to the conversation.  Supply the missing words in the blank.


LLOYD:  Oh, that's it. I've had it with its dump.  We have no food, we have no jobs. Our pets' heads are falling off! 

HARRY:  Okay,  just calm down!

LLO YD:  What the * are we doing here Harry?  We gotta get out of this ______.

HARRY:  And go where?  Where do we go?

LLOYD:  I'll tell you _____.  Some place ______.  A place where the beer flows like wine.  Where ________ women  instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.  I'm talking about a ______ place called Aspen.

HARRY:  I don't know Lloyd, the French are assholes. Wait a minute, I know what you're upto Mister. Yah, you just wanna go to Aspen and find that girl who lost her _______ and you need me to ______ you there. _______? Am I right?

LLOYD:   Yah, so, yah so?  So I wanna go some _____where we know _______who can plug us into the social pipeline?

HARRY:  No, no, no Lloyd. No.  I say we stay here, we hunt for jobs, and  keep ______ our _______for the worm store.
I don't _______ about you but I'm getting_____and _____of running from creditors.

LLOYD:  Do you know what I'm sick and tired of,  Harry? I'm ___ and _____ of  having to eke my way through _____.   I'm sick and tired of being a______.   But most of all,  I'm sick and tired of _______ nobody.

HARRY: Ok, Lloyd.   Aspen it is.





Please write your own original sentence using the new words below.

pronunciation creditors (noun):  A person to whom money is owed.

 "Make sure to pay off your creditor before you buy anything for yourself. "


pronunciation nobody (noun): A person of no importance or influence;  (pronoun): not anyone

"Who do you think he is?  He is a nobody to us."

"Nobody wants to clean up the kitchen after meals."


wanna (slang):  want to

"I wanna live in a land where I can be free to breathe fresh air all the time."


eked out (phrasal verb):  to get or achieve (a living, victory, success) with great difficulty

"The company eked out a tiny profit last year."



down in dumps: feeling very sad

"I guess I'm just down in the dumps." 


sick and tired :  thoroughly weary or bored

" We can never be sick and tired of serving  others with our God-given talents."


plugged in:  to be in the know on a certain subject;  to make friends for personal gain.

"Thanks for introducing me to that guy. He'll keep me plugged in on what's happening."


social pipeline:  a group of people who knows each other through interaction 

"I want to be plugged in a social pipeline and meet new friends."




Match the items on B (below) with the items on A left.    Select the best answer to complete the missing words in the sentence.


A                                          B


eked out                          1)  Please stay away from _______ or you'll end up broke in the future.

plug                                 2)  The guy is _____  of picking up those unattended garbage on the streets.  So clean up your mess.

nobody                            3)  A person who can be trusted with  small things can also be trusted with big things. 

creditors                               I know that you cannot be called a _________ when you can be trusted with my pets.

sick and tired                  4)  Please _______ me into today's international news reports.

                                        5) They _______ a living from lack of  college education.



Talk with your partner using the new words  or idioms about the following situation:

1) You are on a trip to New York with your friend and found out that the person sitted next to you in the train left his cellphone so you took it and want to give it back to him but he couldn't be found.  

2)  You are in trouble with creditors chasing you and all you can do is either run away or pay them off but you are out of job.